Saturday, May 23, 2009

Old And In The Way

The 61-year-old veteran says,
The VA is soliciting the young vets
while on the other hand
the VA is telling him to go home.
Isn't that strange?
Older veterans pushed out
to make room for young vets.
He’s convinced
the government is abandoning him.
It's like a slap in the face.
If you flip out again, call 911.
The VA’s mantra continues to be --
There is no policy on cutting back
on services for Vietnam vets.
Veterans suspect a sinister motive.
It’s the only thing that keeps him alive.
“It helps a lot.”
Some might wonder
how, 40 years after returning from Vietnam,
how veterans can be so dependent
upon group counseling.
He had been suffering since Vietnam,
and didn't get diagnosed until three years ago.
The aging Vietnam veteran feels,
just when he’s getting some help,
the rug is being pulled out from under him.
That makes it pretty hard,
“You have to fight for everything."

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