Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just An Old Man

A reclusive Vietnam veteran
was found murdered
at his home in the hills.
The 62 year old was killed
by blunt force trauma.
The homicide has people feeling edgy
Neighbors called the crime
“very disturbing”
they couldn’t imagine why anyone
would want to kill an old man
who mostly kept to himself.
He did not have electricity or running water
and often slept in his truck.
He could often be seen riding
his off-road motorcycle
or four-wheeler around the area,
a heavily-wooded hilly spot.
He was a “nice guy”
with no wife or children.
“Nobody bothered him,
and he didn’t bother anybody else.”
“It’s pretty weird,”
“He was just an old man.”
He “had some phobias,”
sometimes thinking
he was being spied on or watched.

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