Sunday, June 7, 2009

Land Of The Lost

The closest thing he has to an address
is a mail box inside the Mail Box store.
61 years old, a Vietnam veteran
and retired government employee.
He resents being called an eyesore.
He and his wife have been homeless
for months
and live in the park.
It's a traumatic experience.
He doesn’t know where they will go.
No place to stay.
He can't drive.
No bus pass.
Treated like dirt
because they have no control of their lives.
He’s tried everything.
It's rich against poor.
He served his country in Vietnam
and got decorated.
No one cares that he’s a veteran
or disabled or old.
The couple go to the park each night
and leave at dawn pushing a cart
with their belongings
to the shopping center to their mailbox
hoping to find something in the mail
like a little bit of money.

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