Saturday, July 25, 2009

Missing In Action

She knew something was wrong
when her husband couldn’t remember
their favorite fishing spot —
A Vietnam veteran
who is now 60, he
didn’t seem to know
they had a favorite spot.
He had to leave his job.
She left her job
to manage the household
and take care of him.
Her husband takes a bus
to a VA program.
He got off the bus,
but never joined his group
and wandered into a neighborhood.
A woman getting in her car
to head for work
saw “a strange man”
standing in her yard.
He seemed confused
about where he was supposed to be.
It’s not unheard of
for veterans to wander.
It generally isn’t a problem,
as police can easily spot them
and help them.
“We are committed to caring
for these veterans,” said the VA

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