Saturday, July 25, 2009

Silence Of The Lambs

Veterans of the Vietnam War
haven't said much.
They fought in a place
most of them knew nothing about
and for a reason most of them
only vaguely understood.
They did it at the risk of death.
They did it because
their country asked them
because they thought
it was the right thing to do.
The two wars are not unlike.
Their origins by men
with little understanding of history
We are spending our national treasure
and killing our young people and for what?
The outcry from veterans of Vietnam
has been neither particularly loud
nor particularly public,
Maybe they are confused.
Maybe the veterans of Vietnam
are weary of this war.
Maybe the veterans of Vietnam
remember how the nation
turned critical and cold
to their sacrifices
while they continued to be killed.
Or maybe they fear
what comes to those
who question war.
The nation no longer
can afford the war.
Maybe the veterans of Vietnam
just want to be left alone,
maybe they are no different
than veterans of all the wars.
After fighting many battles
all they want is peace.

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