Saturday, July 25, 2009

Spirit In The Sky Pilot

He has dreams.
Dreams of recovery.
He sits up in a cot
at the VA Medical Center...
Every few minutes,
his face wrinkles...
he begins to cry.
The chaplain says
"Think positive!"
The 63 year old Vietnam vet
has cancer.
He admits
that he neglected
his health for years...
his eyes welling up with tears.
he can no longer speak.
He stayed away from psychiatric treatment
for fear of being labeled "crazy" .
He lapsed from his faith years ago,
He’s found faith again.
He’s a Catholic.
"There has to be something
higher than where we are.
I have to believe that."
He struggles with thoughts of death.
"If God wants me to die,"
"that's okay."
"Think positive," the chaplain says.

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