Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Healing Process

The Vietnam War veteran
will never forget the time
an enemy soldier shot at him.
He suffered from PTSD
for more than two decades
without seeking help.
12 years ago the symptoms
begged for something to be done.
He still has “dreams”
of things that happened in Vietnam,
but now they are controlled.
His PTSD never goes away
but now through therapy,
it is controllable.
His wife has been passionate
about trying to call attention
to veterans with PTSD.
She will always have a connection
with the Vietnam War,
it was what was going on
in her young adult life.
Having PTSD can be like
someone with alcoholism
not admitting they
have a problem,
until the person admits it,
they are not going
to deal with it.
Everybody needs a healing process...

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