Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Healing Trip

He will return to the place
he lost his legs.
To a place that should
conjure up bitter memories,
a place you'd think
he'd want to forget.
40 years ago he stepped
on that land mine in Vietnam
– enough time, to have healed
not only physically
but also spiritually.
His faith won't let him be bitter.
He will lead a handful
of Vietnam veterans
from across the U.S.
back to where their lives
changed forever.
He hopes the journey
will help veterans
who are still angry and resentful
to heal and forgive.
As he sees it,
he's fortunate to be alive.
He promised God if he let him live,
he'd do with his life
what he wanted him to do.
He often meets with Vietnam War veterans,
many of whom are struggling..
He encourages them to talk through
their war experiences
so they can move on with their lives.
Until a man vents,
he can't get a break.

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