Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No Home For The Brave?

It was always hard for him
to make the house payment.
A disabled veteran,
his mortgage payment
doesn’t seem like much.
But living on a fixed income
with a family to support
caused difficulties.
He’s more than three months
behind on his mortgage.
He’s working with the lender,
but they want their money.
Disability is a major factor,
but even veterans without disabilities
are having trouble.
They can’t make a rent payment
or mortgage payment,
or they’re losing their car,
or at least the threat is there.
The 63 year old Vietnam veteran
worries he will lose his house.
He receives VA disability payments.
and is behind on his house.
He comes up short every month
because of the increased prices
of gas and food.
He owes so much money
he barely has his eyes above water.
Problems arise
when an unexpected difficulty
breaks an already thin budget.
Something comes up
and they can’t do it.
They lose a job
or can’t get work in the first place.
What they were able to live on
six months ago
doesn’t buy the same things today.
He had big plans.
A three-bedroom condo, fully furnished.
He had two vehicles,
one fully paid for,
the other he made monthly payments.
He had to give it up too.
It hurts.
It’s not a manly feeling at all.
He tries to save money
by driving as little as possible
and spending no more than $50 a week
for food. Still, he keeps falling behind
with his mortgage.
He really doesn’t want to lose it,
but he’s about ready to pull his hair out
and give up.
He did give up when
he no longer could afford
to heat his house.
He moved into his in-laws’.
and is uncertain what his next move will be.
It’s not a good feeling at all.

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