Sunday, August 23, 2009

Indecent Proposal

The 63 year-old Vietnam veteran
stood at attention
to receive his sentence
on indecency charges
involving young girls.
His former commanding officer
came to court to support him
and also stood at attention
among the public seats.
The old veteran had pleaded guilty
to the charges.
The judge did not give details...
There was no doubt
that all three girls
had been affected...
He served his country
as a frontline infantryman
and saw much violence,
and coped with the death of comrades
at the young age of 21 years.
The intensity of that experience
had a profound and long-term effect.
The judge said the veteran’s remorse
and his health problems,
convinced him he could use his discretion
and impose a year's home detention sentence
rather than imprisonment.

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